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DeafBlind Retreat

Sunday August 28 – Saturday September 3, 2016

Hi everyone! Here we go again for DB Retreat but this year we are celebrating 38 years! 2016 participant and volunteer applications are linked here below. Deadline for DB participants to apply is March 7th (email or postmark). For questions or information please email or contact aj granda at 206-512-8501 (VP).

Volunteer applications will soon be mailed out in February. There is NO deadline for volunteers. Thanks!

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Pictured Seabeck entrance foreground blue lagoon surrounded by green grass and background green pine trees. 20 foot tall wood sign white letters Seabeck entrance. Come and join us at our annual Retreat for DeafBlind adults at the Seabeck Conference Center
Sunday August 28 – Saturday September 3, 2016!

The Retreat is a week long event in a beautiful location balanced with activities, relaxation, communication and support for Deaf-Blind campers and qualified volunteer interpreter/guides.

There is no cost for qualified volunteer interpreter/guides. It is a good opportunity to set up Independent Study for RID CEU's.

To receive an application form or information on volunteer qualifications contact:

The DeafBlind Retreat
c/o The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
P.O. Box 14959
Seattle, WA 98114


VP: (206) 512-8501
Fax: (206) 436-2234
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